Looking into the Future

Over the last two years, Deadpool has been one of the best comics available. The story and art have been consistently great. But, most of all it's been a very rewarding read for the longtime reader, because there's been a "master plan." Yup, it seems that when the Deadpool team first got together, they formulated a plan: they would outline storylines and commit themselves to this book for years to come. This meant that they would not fly by the seat of their pants from month to month, but build up something meaningful and orchestrated. Instead of purely writing what was popular at the time and following trends, the people working on Deadpool have set the trends. At least in my book anyway. But, now comes a time in Deadpool's history where the future is unsure and its time to think about what the future holds. So, to help us think about this I've generated a list of ten things which contain some things that are most likely to happen and some that I'd like to see happen. So, here we go....

1. Deadpool's best bud and friendly arms dealer Weasel will return.
2. We find out more about Blind Al and her origin, hinted at in the Deadpool flashback issue.
3. More is told to us about Deadpool and T-Ray's past together and of course another gratuitous battle.
4. Hopefully, since Daredevil is so popular now, there will be another team up with him.
5. Deadpool's past comes back to haunt him again in the form of first Copycat and then some other characters.
6. The return to the Hellhouse.
7. Deadpool get's to mess with some of the other 'high and mighty' heroes of the Marvel Universe, the same way he did with Captain America. Maybe Thor, Iron Man, the Avengers or the X-Men could be humiliated by DP.
8. Hopefully Siryn hits the scene again, but this time they really go after Black Tom.
9. Maybe, Deadpool will get the chance to join a team. X-Force most likely, now wouldn't that be fun? 10. And finally, Deadpool might become so popular that he gets another monthly and lands Marvel with luxurious movie deal!

Maybe not all these things will come true, but I am sure that Deadpool will continue to be a trendsetter as far as the comic world is concerned. ( Please don't cancel, Please don't cancel )

By Spidermad

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