Deadpool vs. Battlechasers

This is the first article in a series, that looks at other comics doing the rounds and comparing them to Deadpool's monthly series

As you might've guessed, the first comic series we are going to look at is Battlechasers. For those that don't know Battlechasers is a fairly new and popular series created by ex-Uncanny X-Men artist Joe Maduiera. Battlechasers is set in a new fantasy world (i.e. not the Marvel Universe or D.C. Universe) where magic and a certain level of technology is part of everyday life (reminiscent of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe). The storyline so far follows the adventures of five main characters: Gully (a young girl with powerful gloves), Callibretto (a mechanical war machine), Gnolan (a wizard), Garrison (a famous warrior) and Red Monika (an out of proportion mercenary chic).

How Does Battlechasers Compare to Deadpool?
- Both feature long running story lines, that carry on over multiple issues. Though with Deadpool, their is also a sense of a single issue story.
- Battlechasers and Deadpool both have a certain cool factor. Y'know something that just sets them apart. The kind thing that makes you either love or hate them completely.

How Does Battlechasers Differ to Deadpool?
- In Battlechasers there is not yet a strong sense of character, they've mainly relied on stereotypes for characterisation so far. Where Deadpool is a distinct character and his character development is made essential to the plot.
- Battlechasers is way behind schedule and no release date for a next issue is to be believed. Deadpool on the other hand comes out right on time each month.
- Battlechasers has far superior artwork and this is it's main strength. The art is simply awesome and defines the story and characters more so than the words. Deadpool has had a number of different artists of varying skill, while the art is often good, it could do better. Especially as far a colouring and computer enhancement goes.
- Battlechasers takes a fairly different approach by being a fantasy, wizards and knights type of comic. Which you don't find too many around these days. Though since the success of Battlechasers there seem to be a few more coming out of the works.

And the Winner is:
Deadpool and Battlechasers are both great comics, but for different reasons. For Deadpool's monthly though I only really have minor complaints about the art. With Battlechasers there is only really a couple of things right with a whole heap of annoying things (like only seeing a copy every 3 or 4 months and bland characters) that take away from the whole effect. So, I guess that Deadpools monthly wins this bout! You knew it would though, didn't you?

P.S. click on the top Battlechasers pick to download a bigger version!

By Spidermad

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