Planetary vs. Deadpool

Planetary #3 Credits:
Publisher: Wildstorm
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: John Cassady
Colours: Laura Depuy

For the second of this series of articles comparing Deadpool to other comic series, I'm going to take a slightly different approach to last month. I'm going to review an issue of the comic in question and give a quick comparison to Deadpool at the end.

This issue of Planetary is one of the best comics I have ever read. It has a certain element to it that is cool, in the way that The Matrix was cool (y'know the impossible gunfights, that were nonetheless awesome to watch) and yet the story itself is very haunting and you can read it again and again These are the main reasons I like it, but there are more.

Good points: One of the really stand out things about this comic, is that the writing and art fit together so well, it almost seems as if they've managed to obtain an almost perfect balance. Both of these elements compliment each other and work together to tell a story that touches on so many things. Ellis knows when to let the art do the talking and when to add his bit. The other thing that readers will find that's great about this comic is that it is self contained. The story starts and ends in this issue. While not totally original the storyline is interesting and makes the reader ask questions about what is going on. Another thing that this comic shows is that when you get a talented colourist working on your book, it can really enhance and bring to life your whole book.

Bad Points: There's not much that is bad about this comic, but there are a couple of things. Firstly and foremost is the issue of character. The three main characters of the story, that work for the company known as Planetary, don't really seem to get enough room to live and breathe. While they are definitely individuals, after 3 issues I couidn't tell whether I really like them or not, since I really haven't found out much about. Currently I just keep coming back because of the stories, but I think the stories wouldn't suffer by giving the reader a chance to get to know the characters. The next "bad" point, is kinda a good point aswell. You see at the end of this comic your left with a lot of unanswered questions running around your head. Which is one hand good, because it means you've actually been thinking about what you've just read. But, on the other hand is bad, when you read the next issue and it's as the last story has never happened! Which seems to be the trend with Planetary so far.

Deadpool vs Planetary?: So, how does Planetary match up with Deadpool? Well, which ever way you look at it, this single issue of Planetary is excellent and easily matches anything that has been released with Deadpool in it. I'm not necessarily saying it's better, just that it's on par with most and better than some Deadpool issues. Which means if you buy Deadpool or live in this world, your crazy if you don't rush out and buy this issue if Planetary. It doesn't mean you have the buy the whole series, as I said, it's single issue story. Go ahead. Do it. I guarantee you'll thank me for it!

By Spidermad

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