Deadpool Versus Spider-man!

Okay I'm aware I could say a lot of things here, so I'm going to say a couple of things up front before I get stuck into the main event. Firstly, I like Spider-man. The first comic I read was a Spider-man comic. I buy all of Spidey's comics. Secondly, I'm going to compare the current run of Spidey (reboot onwards) to Deadpool here. Thirdly, I was inspired to write this article mainly becuase of Joe Kelly's recent run on Webspinners: Tales of Spider-man (issues #7-9). Anyway, on with the show.

Firstly, I think I need to discuss the current state of the "Spiderverse". Currently their are four monthly titles published for Spider-man and another three monthly titles that are related in some way. The majority of these titles suck big time, at this point in time. The reboot wasn't all I'd hoped for. The two in contuinity titles are up and down, with some good and some terrible issues (i.e. Amazing and Peter Parker:SP). Chapter One (John Byrne's retelling) is sort of needless. Spider-Woman is a totally useless and quite frankly inspires only hate vehemence in me. Slingers is sorta okay. But, Spider-girl is actually very good along with Webspinners: Tales of Spider-man. So, overall out of 6 titles per month only to are regularly any good.And to top it off Slingers is headed for cancellation and hopefully Spider-woman as well.

Compare this to Deadpool at the moment. Let's see, Deadpool has only one title, but it is consistently a great read!

But, there's more to it than that. Spidey and Deadpool are both great characters (some might even go so far to say DP is a rip off Spidey, but not I) and make a great comic, when written properly. And I think that this is where Joe Kelly comes into play. If you really want a good read and DP isn't enough, but you don't want to commit to a monthly and so on. Then pick up the last 3 issues of Webspinners (#7-9), because Kelly writes these and boy does he write them well. If only the other titles in the spidey stable could be written this way! Kelly does with Spidey what he has done with Deadpool. Makes him a living, breathing 3-dimensional character again.

Ayway back to that elusive point. I think that Deadpool and Spidey both are two of the best characters ever created (big statement I know) and as I outlined above, when done well Spidey is the absolute best. But, at the moment in three quarters of Spidey's titles he is done almost dismally. So, again I'd have to say that Deadpool wins out, because of consistant quality (I hope this doesn't change with Priest).

Will I still read Spidey though? Well at the moment, yes. At least until I run out of money. Why? Because I love Spidey the character and I'm hoping that things can only get better.

By Spidermad

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