Deadpool Versus The Inhumans

I've decided that I'll basically use this column to not only compare Deadpool to other titles, but also to bring to your attention other titles that are great and worth buying or titles that are high profile but low on quality.

Anyway this month's feature title is The Inhumans! For uninitiated, the Inhumans are way old Marvel characters who are currently being given a facelift by their Marvel Knights line of comics. The series is a limited 12 issues with story by Paul Jenkins and art by Jae Lee.

What is this series all about? Well, basically Inhuman society is under seige from without (a human army) and within (Maximus). On the surface, not much seems to happen from issue to issue, but scratch that surface a little and a whole myriad of issues are revealed.It's then you discover what the series is really about. The story explores emotional depths and heights, political issues and moral issues through great characterisation, emotive writing and awesome art. In fact, Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee seem almost symbiotic in how well they compliment each other. The reader is lead through an exploration of the human condition by exploring the Inhumans.

The bottom line is, if you aren't reading this START NOW or at least wait until it is released as a trade paperback.

So does this story compare to our loveable 'merc. Well I think there is a fair bit in common between the two titles. Firstly, both are created by people that seem to genuinely love what they are doing and the characters they are working with. Both titles aren't afraid to take risks and explore issues not often touched upon in comics. Both titles focus on characters to tell their stories.

The difference? Well the Inhumans definitely have the more to offer as far as artwork is involved, but not much in humour or action. Plus, being Australian (which means I have a natural irreverance towards the English royal family), I don't really like the implied parralell between the Inhuman royal family and the English royal family.

Despite it's few weaknesses the Inhumans montly is a better title at the present. But, compared to the bulk of Deadpool's monthly it falls behind, basically because Deadpool offers more entertainment for your dollar.

By Spidermad

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