25 Issue:#26."Our second most confusing issue yet.. After Issue #6 (We would've said #9, but that was just bad, not confusing) or Mouthfull of Malice, Headfull of Cheese.
Writer:Joe Kelly, co-plotted with James Felder
Artists:Pete Woods and Walden Wong
What Happened:

As the title of this issue indicates, this is confusing read. But, still a good one. What happens is that Deadpool goes back to his merc ways after the events of Dead Reckoning. He's ditched Blind Al somewhere along the way and picked up Monty as a flat mate. His new flat by the way is in a cosy corner of the globe called Bolivia.

25Basically, Deadpool goes on two mercernary jobs. These two jobs have something in common. Firstly, Deadpool is helped in his endeavours by Ilaney (last seen in issues #18 and #19). Secondly, Deadpool gets the feeling that he's being followed throughout the issue. This leads to the end of the issue, where Deadpool is on the second of his jobs and a giant flying bunny with a a chick mixing a drink on it's back appears. Unfortunately, it seems only Deadpool can see this phenomenon and it happens at a time when Deadpool is being attacked, by the forces of A.I.M. So, what does our man Wade do? He totally flips out, shooting everything. And then a sudden scene switch and Wades lying on a lounge in a quiet office being councilled by Dr. Bong?

Confusing? Well, at least it's meant to be.

25b Comment:

Asking whether Deadpool is insane, mad or crazy has never been an appropriate question to ask. This is because the answer is "Yes". And that's half of what makes Deadpool such a fun and interesting character. This issue though, seems to to seriously ask the question, what if Deadpool did actually totally loose his sanity and flip out in a big way?

The answer to this question is portrayed in two ways. Firstly, you can read this comic and laugh most of the way through it. Or you can wonder about Deadpool as a character. You start to consider if after all that Deadpool has been through (including such events as portrayed in Deadpool and Death '98 and the Dead Reckoning storyline) is he really cracking up totally and losing that final piece of humanity that keeps him from being a total fruitcake? And if you've come to care about Deadpool, this is quite distressing, especially considering his recent act of heroism (see Dead Reckoning again).

Anyway questions of sanity aside, Good/Bad points . This issue was narrated by Deadpool himself which was great for getting an insight into his twisted thinking and also for a change. This issue was also simply another good read, for reasons as mentioned above and for the return of Ilaney! On the down side, while not too bad, the art wasn't as good as McDaniel's. And Kelly seemed a little stretched in keeping Deadpool's narration as entertaining as his normal talk is. Also, the issue was a little confusing, especially upon first reading it.


This story wasn't what I expected after "Dead Reckoning", which in my mind is a good thing.
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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