27 Issue:#27."It's a barbarian bunny -- busty broad bonanza in my brainpan -- and I'm the only one invited!
Writer:Joe Kelly
Artists:McDaniel and McFarland (Yay!)
What Happened:

Last month we were left with the question of whether Deadpool was insane or not. This month we get a pretty hilarious and fun answer.

25So, this is the run down. Deadpool is in therapy with Dr.Bong and together they figure that Deadpool's hallucinations are due to his terrible past and that Deadpool can only think clearly and thus face his problems in a fight situation. They pick a target that Deadpool will be able to fight for awhile and probably not kill - Wolverine! So, Deadpool goes and picks a fight, during the fight he faces his traumas, the hallucinations disappear and Deadpool is impaled by Wolverine. It finishes off with Deadpool remembering the chick from his hallucinations is a love of his from the past, which he thinks dead. But, in the closing panels the lucky reader finds out she is in fact alive and in some distress.

Oh, and mixed in there somewhere is scene where Monty reveals how at the end of "Dead Reckoning", Deadpool finds out that Gerry has been duping him all along. So, of course DP added some altercations to his face and took off with Monty over his shoulder.

25b Comment:

This comic was an all round great read. From laughs, to character development, to hard to find justified guest appearance and a plausible plot. At first I thought the match up with Wolverine was going to be a cheap scam, but the reasoning behind it and the way it fitted into the plot line was not disapointing. The match up with Wolverine was also a senstaional (don't want to use 'great' again) idea considering the fact that Wolverine is considered a "serious" character. Because this left heaps of room for Deadpool to make fun of much respected Wolverine traditions: from the 'snikt' to Wolverine's lengthy inner monologues. Kelly also pokes a bit of fun at superhero fight scenes in general, in a scene where Wolvy leas for Deadpool and spouts off a five minute speech in the intervening distance, while Ilaney and Dr. Bong discuss whether that is one of Wolverine's mutant powers!

The "is Deadpool Crazy?" question was answered satisfactorily, with a nice tie-in to a future plot with the beer pouring chick turning out to be someone Deadpool's past. 25b

The art was great too. I really like McDaniel's art and the way it suits Deadpool. His art isn't particulary flashy, but it compliments Kelly's writing well and depicts characters (especially Deadpool) in a variety of ways that reflect the way they feel at the time. I'm glad he's back. I just wish they would get a decent colourist on again, because it's taking away from the art having the backgrounds and characters almost in monotone. It's really annoying, especially since so many other comics use new coloring techniques to their benefit and lift the art to the next level. Check out "Aria" or even most of the "Marvel Knights" titles to see what I mean.

Finally, the only down point, in this otherwise flawless comic.... What the heck happened to conclude the cliff hanger ending from last issue? We know Illaney and Deadpool survived. But, how? They were in a crashing helicopter, surrounded by enemies, with Deadpool totally losing it and about to shoot Illaney. Was that supposed to be a dream sequence or something? I don't know, but I hope it isn't left hanging without explaination.

Oh, and I figured out where Dr. Bong hails from. I think he is an old villian who used to menace Howard the Duck!


A near perfect issue. Buy it quickly and see what the rest of the comic world are missing out on.
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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