27 Issue:#28.I Can't Place the Name, But the Face Rings a Southern Belle...
Writer:Joe Kelly
Artists:Woods, Wong
What Happened:

25This months issue starts of with a mysterious figure contemplating Deadpool with malicious intent. We then skip to Deadpool's happy home, where eventhough Deadpool is seemingly cured of his insanity (see last issue), he is displaying a bit of obsession with the woman of his previous halucinations. Deadpool then gets a call from his new boss to go and eliminate someone. Unknown to Deadpool though he's being set up by the 'mysterious figure' I mentioned before.

So, Deadpool hooks up with Illaney and travels Atlanta to fulfill his merc duties. Things start going wrong for Deadpool when he spots his target who, happens to be the girl form his hallucinations (who as revealed last issue, was a real person dear to DP, but one he thinks is dead!). As the plot thickens, it seems that Bullseye has been contracted aswell to terminate this mysterious woman from Deadpool's past. Deadpool decides he wants to save this girl and so he and Bullseye end up having a really cool fight, with Deadpool triumphing in the end. Finally, Deadpool ends up with the woman in his romantic embrace and it is revealed that she is his wife!!!!

25b Comment:

Once again the team on Deadpool have produced a solid comic. Eventhough this issue probably isn't as great as others.

Good Points: The good things about this issue included the return of T-Ray and the beggining of build-up to a climax involving T-Ray and Deadpool. I don't really think T-Ray is the best villain, but I am interested to find out why he has such a big grudge against Deadpool, plus I want to see Deadpool humiliate him and kick his butt. The revelations about Mercedes (the mystery girl) were interesting as well, I find that I really want to find out more about Deadpool's past and what the deal is with Mercedes. Of course the fight between Deadpool and Bullseye was great. I've said before that I really don't like Pete Woods pencils much, but the way he choreographed this fight sequence was brilliant! I also liked seeing some evidence that Deadpool is trying to keep at least some of his promises to himself (during the Dead Reckoning storyline) by doing the hero thing and saving Mercedes selflessly.


Bad Points:There were a few things that brought this comic down. Firstly, eventhough Woods did a good job, I was dissapointed to see that McDaniel didn't pencil this issue. I also think that this wasn't a good comic for first time or even second time readers, since not much effort is put into explaining what has led up to this issue. There also seems to be a trend in the stories lately, and that is that they seem a little disjointed. The comics don't seem to flow along aswell as they have previously. I think this has to do with all the "Is Deadpool cancelled?" thing, affecting Joe Kelly and his writing.


Overall, a solid issue with an extra half pool for the great Deadpool/Bullseye face off.
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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