29Issue:#29.Take My Wife... PLEASE! or Cock-a-voodle-doo
Writer:Joe Kelly
Cover Art: Walter McDaniel
Woods, Shelander & Wong
What Happened:

25We pick up the continuing saga of Deadpool a day from where the last issue left us. Deadpool is coercing one of Doc Doom's scientist's to check up on Mercedes DNA. He's not quite sure whether she is a clone or what. Deadpool finds out that at least she's not a clone, when he is interrupted by Doc Dooms zealous guards. Deadpool returns home and does some soul searching. "To Kill Mercedes or Not to Kill?" sums up his mistrusting thoughts.

The action picks up when a dark figure comes out of the jungle surrounding Deadpool's current pad, leading a pack of oozing zombies. The zombies subdue Deadpool and the cloaked figure reveals himself as the Black Talon? After a bit of fun Black Talon is defeated and after a friendly bit of torture, tells Deadpool that he was after Mercedes because he loves the undead and that she is one of them! SHOCK! HORROR!

As you would expect Deadpool is a little disappointed that his one true love is one of the undead and.... well we have to wait until the next issue to find out how he reacts.

25b Comment:
An interesting issue, with a fair bit of fun. But let me get straight to the Good and the Bad.

Good Points: This issue is pretty good for a number of reasons. And the best of these reasons is that it messes with the reader's head a little. If you've only just picked up the book, you wouldn't have noticed, but if you're a long time reader and the name "T-Ray" means something to you, then hopefully you were surprised. Due to the last couple of issues and start of this issue, I thought the person to raid Deadpool's pad was going to be T-Ray. And when I wasn't I was surprised. Which is great, I like it when comics, or any medium, do the unpredicatble. Of course Deadpool was funny throughout the issue and Black Talon was a villain that was created just to poke fun, so there were many funny jokes at his expense. Deadpool's struggle with whether to believe something has gone right for him for once, or whether he has been duped again is also great to see. It makes the reader feel for him. Finally, the McDaniel cover is just plain impressive.


Bad Points: Not too many or at least too serious drawbacks to this comic. First of all I'll just get out of the way my almost monthly complaint: "Where is McDaniel"! Does no one else lament the loss of his art? I hear he's doing some art on Cap America or an Avengers book or something, but I think its only fill in stuff, so hopefully he'll be back soon.

I only have two other minor gripes. Firstly, I'm finding it hard to really care one way or the other about Mercedes, her character just hasn't been fleshed out since she was introduced. I think that the fact that Mercedes is Deadpool's chick isn't enough to make me really care about her. Mercedes needs a service and fine tuning (pun intended). Secondly, while I know Black Talon was not meant to be a serious villian, I think that Deadpool suffers from not having any really good villians. T-Ray is passable and Black Tom isn't too bad, but besides that Deadpool doesn't really have anyone that you could name as his arch nemesis. Spider-man is reknowned for his villians and he owes much of his popularity to them. And most other heroes have villains that are not worthy. But not Deadpool.


A fairly good issue, it furthers the plot and provides some fun. And I'll throw in a extra half pool for the McDaniel cover art.
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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