29Issue:#30.Truth & Lies
Writer:Joe Kelly
Artists:Woods, Shelander & Wong
What Happened:

25This issue starts with a Deadpool recapping the last couple of issues for the uninitiated or confused. Then we find Deadpool having a chat with Mercedes, then Monty, then Back to Mercedes. Basically, it's confirmed that Mercedes is a zombie and that some villain is screwing with them both. We also find out how Mercedes died in the first place and the events that led Deadpool to his merc livelyhood.

Deadpool decides he wants some answers and tracks down Alastair (who set him up two issues ago, to meet with Mercedes) to the Hellhouse. A drawn out fight scene insues, Alastair is eaten by kittens before he can reveal anything useful. And finally T-Ray reveals himself as the bad guy by grabbing Monty, apparently killing him and hanging outside the Hellhouse as a challenge!

25b Comment:
This issue was okay and presented some interesting moments involving Deadpool's past. But, there were quite a few things that could have been better done.

Good Points: Overall, this issue was pretty average, despite the tumultuos events contained within. The recap at the start was good, especially if you've only just picked up the book or have been confused by some of the recent events. It was also great that some mysteries are becoming clear, including the exact nature of T-Ray and Deadpool's relationship. The other bonus was that DP goes back to the Hellhouse! Which is fun, but disturbing in how T-Ray has almost total control of the Hellhouse. Of course their is a gratuitous fight scene, which has some fun moments.

And finally some time was spent in developing Mercedes more. Which was great, maybe I can actually start to care about what actually happens to her now.


Bad Points: As I mentioned before there were some things that really could have been done better. In particular the 2-page flashback which involved so much, including how Mercedes died, T-Ray and Deadpool's first meeting and the events that lead Deadpool to changing his career path, from peace loving hippy to fun loving merc! These two pages would have been better done in a whole other comic, like the Deadpool/Death annual of last year. The way it was just crammed in here took away from the whole effect I think it was supposed to have.

The other main thing that could've been better was the fight scene. This must be the first DP scene that I started to get bored with and didn't really see the point of. I think the pages taken up by this scene would have been much better spent on exploring the flashback I just mentioned.


This issue was below average in DP standards, but still had a lot of interesting developments that are essential for you to know. If your fan of Deadpool and are following the current story that is.
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
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- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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