29Issue:#31. SPLOORCH or The Beginning of the End
Writer: Joe Kelly
Artists: Woods, Shelander & Wong

What Happened:
25Okay, just briefly. Deadpool takes injured Monty back to L, L & L headquarters to get him some help. He spills his guts to Zoe about what's been happening revealing a couple of details about events just after the events of Dead Reckoning (issues #23-25) that were previously only eluded to. Zoe goes a bit freaky and spouts stuff about company protocols and how she tends to uphold them. Anyway she fries Deadpool and throws Deadpool and his faithful companions (Illaney and Mercedes) into the slammer.

Deadpool soon devises a way to escape, while Zoe considers her actions. Deadpool escapes from his cell, but is set upon by a large number of soldiers. Just when Deadpool gives up and all looks grim, Zoe turns up and disables all the soldiers. They all head off seemingly together through a transporter. But, Deadpool, Ilaney and Mercedes end up outside an unkown house where T-Ray awaits!

25b Comment:
I'm not sure what to think about this issue, I'm wavering between whether it truly has merit or whether it just doesn't make the grade. The story itself seems a bit useless. Personally I feel this build up to a showdown with T-Ray is taking a bit long and I'm getting very impatient.

Good Points: But there are some good things. On the plus side this issue returns the reader to the merry world of the 3 L's. We get to see what's been happening with Zoe, who seems to have become a 'company' girl. And throughout the issue we see some of the dangling plot threads involving her and Monty in particular resolve.

We also get to see some funny moments as well. Now I may be just a simple lad, but I like the 'explodey-head' guy (or Herbet) and find the slap-stick comedy he provides funny. There is also Deadpool's actions during his jail break that provide a laugh or two.

Finally, sometime during this issue I actually started to feel that I cared about what would happen with this whole Mercedes plot.


Bad Points: As I said at start, bring on T-RAY already. Sure this issue was good, but I've been expecting to see a showdown or at least some interaction with T-Ray for the last 2 issues at least! If it doesn't happen next issue... I'm gonna... aww I don't know, wait until it does happen?!

I won't say much about the art, except that I think I've actually come to the decision that I actually like Pete Woods art after all. Sure I like McDaniel's better, but Pete's art is better than a lot of other stuff.

Finally, I think that it's showing that Joe Kelly is coming to the end of his run. It shows in how a lot of things seem to be happening, but that aren't really having the same effect as they used, because they seem a bit rushed and not as dramatic as they could be. I think Kelly is just chucking in a lot of story elements that he wanted to use eventually, but since his leaving, has just seemed to throw it all in.


Well, I guess I'm feeling a bit indecisive on this issue, but I think it will look better after I see some T-Ray action..
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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