29Issue:#32. I'm not so me as you think I am or the Middle of the End
Writer: Joe Kelly
Artists: Woods, Shelander & Blanchard

What Happened:
25I'll keep this short. Mainly because I'm sure you'll be confused if I try and explain what happens in this issue to any great extent.

Basically Deadpool, Mercedes and Ilaney are trapped by T-Ray throughout the whole issue. T-Ray does his best to screw with every characters head and mostly succeeds. Deadpool doesn't really seem aware of what's happening and tends to rampage thru the whole comic.

And the point of T-Ray's manipulations? Well he's trying to convince everyone that Deadpool is not Wade Wilson! Instead T-Ray reckons that he is Wade Wilson and Deadpool has ruined his life, not the other way around.

I hope this is all cleared up next issue.

25b Comment:
Well, as I wished for last month in my review, Deadpool and T-Ray did face off in this issue. But, since T-Ray's doing something weird and magical, it's hard to tell what's real or not. So this issue isn't quite as satisfying as the toe-to-toe slugfest I was hoping for. Anyway...

Good Points: O.K. I think a lot of the good points of this comic won't be apparent until the end of this story arc (i.e. next issue) and which means that this issue isn't a very good jump on issue.

Like I said before, T-Ray's here and the battle is on. Which is great. This serves to show us more of Deadpool's character, albeit not a nice side. I've never seen Deadpool so ticked off, he single mindedly rampages thru the majority of this issue with one goal: KILL T-RAY! This is logical due to the previous issues, the pressures DP been under and the build up of T-Ray as a legitimate villain.

This comic other strong point is revelations galore. We find out heaps about the various characters backstories. But, this is sorta double-edged....


Bad Points: The main "Bad Point" is that throughout this comic you aren't sure what is "really" happening. You get the sense that the whole comic takes place in some kind of controlled environment constructed by T-Ray. Which means that many of these revelations and events may amount to nothing in the end. As happens in countless other comic books (ala Mysterio type thing). I sincerely hope this isn't true and that Joe Kelly doesn't just discount all that's happened this issue in the next issue.

The art is okay and portrays what is happening pretty well. It does basically what it's supposed to do and tells the story. But, it could do better and provoke emotions or something like that.


A good issue. I have faith that it will look even better next issue. But, I must say I'm looking forward to the new creative team. I think Deadpool needs a breath of fresh air.
Reviewed by spidermad
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