29Issue:#33. The End of the End or Happy Entails to You...
Writer: Joe Kelly
Artists: David Brewer.

What Happened:
25Joe Kelly's last issue and psycological mind bender, the revelations presented here are definitely not what I expected, anyway...

Deadpool and T-Ray face off, but along the way T-Ray reveals the truth behind their relationship and just who is Wade Wilson? Warning what I'm going to say next is a big spoiler! Basically it is revealed that Deadpool is not Wade Wilson. In fact T-Ray was Wade, happily married to Mercedes and then both were tragically killed by Deadpool who was trying to assume Wade's life to escape his horrible past! T-Ray (or the real Wade) is found half dead by DP's former employers and taken on as a merc with a lust for revenge. It is down this path that T-Ray becomes the twisted villian that he is now.

T-Ray expects that these revelations will break Deadpool and prove his ultimate revenge as the would-be hero discovers what scum he really is. But, Deadpool somehow accepts the truth and comes to and understanding that though he has lead a terrible life, he is striving to be something better.

There is a bit of a battle between T-Ray and DP, with Mercedes giving DP a little help. Then DP is left to the mercies of those he has killed in his lifetime.

25b Comment:
Well, a bit of a roller coaster ride of an issue, also an issue that I pretty much hated on first read, but is probably one of the best issues of DP...

Good Points: Like I just hinted, the best reason that this is a great comic is the fact that I almost hated it and what it meant. It meant that all I thought I knew about Deadpool was wrong and all things that I held sacred about Deadpool was totally thrown out the window. This book really was a roller coaster of a ride, I felt the ups and downs, along with Deadpool. Kelly showed once again why he is so brilliant and why he will be sadly missed. Kelly can make the reader actually care and cheer for a character as dispicable as Deadpool and still not feel bad for doing it!

25bThis story also makes sense, it doesn't contradict what has gone on before in Deadpool, or Deadpool as a character. This is great, it seems that so many 'revelations' in comics today just contradict what has gone before and spits in the face of previous storylines.

This end to the current story line is satisfying and suprising, making sense of a lot of what was going on. I'm sure going to miss Joe Kelly's writing.

Bad Points: There really wasn't anthing bad about this issue. Some things weren't tied up as nicely as I would've liked though. The line wasn't quite that clearly drawn on events that were real and things that were happening due to T-Ray's magic and so were unreal and just conjured. Also, the end with Deadpool and Death was a bit off. It just didn't seem right, that Deapool was having some kind of hiatus from life or something. But I suppose Kelly might just be leaving it up in the air so Priest (new DP writer) can take this book wherever he wants.


A great issue! Too bad Kelly's leaving, this sort of pay off after a long story line is great!
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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