29Issue:#36. Chapter X Verse Three
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artists: Paco Diaz & Andy Smith
Inks: Smith, Holderedge & Perrota
Colours: Shannon Blanchard
Letters: RS & Comicraft's Troy Peteri
Editor: Ruben Diaz
Chief: Bob Harras

What Happened:
25Here's the deal..

Deadpool has discovers at that due to his cancer, healing factor and whatever the doctor that is currently tormenting has done, he now lacks "molecular cohesion". Which means that without a special containment suit (given to him by aforementioned doctor) he resebles a bowl over cooked custard.

During this revelation Priest continues to delve into Deadpool's past with a number of flashbacks, including DP shopping for his costume, DP as a brash young teenager, the conclusion to DP's fight with Bullseye and other things.

In the present though DP slaps around the doctor that previously kept him in a jar, then takes off with lady death, only to discover he's on the moon and that the doctor is actually Loki, who claims to be Deadpool's Dad! (a lot in one issue)

25b Comment:
I'm still not too sure about Priest....

Good Points: If there is one thing to say about Christopher Priest, his take on Deadpool and this issue, it's that he knows how to funny, rollicking comic book story. This issue, again, is definitely humourous, from the little things in the Flashbacks to the way Deadpool reacts to not being able to kill anyone. This really reminds of the full-on romps that Deadpool had in his limited series and some Kelly issues.

The art isn't too bad, but after 3 issues of the same, I hope Paco Diaz changes some of the way he lays out a page or someone else more interesting takes over. That doesn't mean it was reasonable art though.

Bad Points: Now onto why I'm still not too sure about Priest.

While I like the what is happening in general, Deadpool just doesn't seem as interesting as he used to be. The depth to his character and to his stories just doesn't seem to be there. I no longer feel like I read Deadpool because I interested in him as a character, but because it's a fun book. Which isn't really or that bad a thing, but still worries me. Kelly used to mix it up a bit and Priest has only really shown a talent for fun. Maybe I'm hoping for too much....but hopefully Priest can add that little bit more that will turn me into a mindless Deadpool fanboy again.

Oh, and I really don't like the idea of Deadpool being a snot man for the rest of his comic days, this would be a really bad move.


On the whole a fun comic, but if the snot man joke is wearing thin.
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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