29Issue:#38. Johnny Handsome: Scene One
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artists: Paco Diaz
Inks: Jon Holdredge
Colours: Shannon Blanchard
Letters: Sharpefont & PT
Editor: Ruben Diaz
Chief: Bob Harras

25What Happened:
As part of the fall-out of the first story arc, namely "Chapter X", Deadpool is left with a handsome face. This is something that Deadpool is not comfortable with and spends this issue trying to get to grips with his newfound condition.

Other stuff happens though. DP contacts Siryn to help him out, but to recent events in X-Force, she can't talk. DP visits the Hellhouse and finds Patch no longer there. He takes a merc job from the new guy though.

Finally, the issue ends with Deadpool shopping for a new apartment.

25b Comment:

This was a fairly good issues, though I'm a bit concerned with what Chapter X was really all about...

Good Points: It seems that one of Priest's greatest strengths is humour. Because again, this is a very funny book and is worth buying purely because there isn't really any other truly funny comic books around.

I also really like how Priest revisits a few old DP friends this issue and shows he hasn't forgotten them after all. The conversation with Siryn is a classic!

Mainly I like this comic because of the idead behind what's happening. Which is: What if Deadpool was handsome and couldn't hide behind his ugliness anymore? It's quite an interesting idea and I hope Priest uses it to it's full potential.

Finally, the art. The art is okay this issue, possibly better than some recent issues anyway. There's a letter in the back of this issue that points out the colouring as being an off point in the art. I think I would tend to agree. It's amazing how a good colourist can bring art alive.

Bad Points: Just a couple of complaints, but one is major.

What happened to the effects of all the snot man crap!!??! I mean 3 of the last 4 issues focused on Deadpool being turned to snot and there was something about it being permanent and Deadpool having to wear a containment suit to stay cohesive, but is this mentioned this issue? NO! Deadpool loses his costume this issue and doesn't turn into a puddle. Was there a cure I missed? I find this lack of continuity annoying! I'll go back and read those issues, but I don't think I missed anything

Besides that I've noticed that Priest makes a lot of jokes at Deadpool's expense, making him look like a fool and a just dud villain. I don't mind this now and then, but my understanding was that Deadpool is a cool character! Priest seems to want to demote him in stature and put him at the same level as some really dud villains.


Very funny, a great issue, but a couple of annoying things bring it down a notch or two.
Reviewed by spidermad
- Be willing to sacrifice a part of your body for it.
- Frame it and drool over it.
- Sleep with it under your pillow.
- Love it or leave it. Heck, just leave it.
- Spare Toilet paper.

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