Deadpool Related

Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth - One of the best Deadpool sites around, but unfortunately is now in a land of no updates!
Deadpool's Deadlines - started off okay, but hasn't been updated in awhile.
Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica - fairly decent 'pool site with polls, chats, etc.
Marvel Online - Marvel's official site, has some cool stuff.

Comic Related

Useless and Senseless Comic Book Knowledge: A page made by the maker of this page about general comic book stuff.
TMU magazine - A great weekly e-zine that reviews and discusses everything Marvel. - Daily reviews, news and interviews, including Snap Judgments and Critiques on Infinite Earths reviews. This a great site.
Un-official Spider-man Homepage - A great site with a monthly spidey e-zine. That I am not Sub-Editor of and spend all my time on!

The Comic Book Continuum:


Official Speaking of Sarah Homepage A band site brought to you by the makers of this very page!
FAC Homepage
Panda's Homepage - a page that has a range of things on offer.
Pickle J's Homepage
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